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360º Solutions

We help our customers obtain global security coverage against explosions in their companies: consultations, products and formation.

Adix offers a series of services to provide the most appropriate technical solution for all of your ATEX adaptation needs.

We provide

  • IsmATEX Certificate – Accredited by INERIS
  • Graduates with Masters degrees in the Prevention Against Explosions by Laboratory Madariaga

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ConsultationsWe define your best protection strategy against explosions

We help our clients define the best strategy with regards to Protection Systems and Anti-explosion Systems by providing solutions based on our experience and innovative abilities.

Our sectors of specialty:

Food Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Recycling Industry, Timber Industry, Power Plants, Petrochemistry.

We have at your disposal

  • Adaptations.
  • Design of Installations ATEX.
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Inspection of ATEX Installations.
  • Trials and Measurements.
  • ATEX Monitoring.

Products Equipment and Systems of Protection Against Explosions

We have the following products at your disposal:

Products for Protection

  • Explosion Vent Panels.
  • Flameless Explosions Venting.
  • Explosion Suppression Systems.
  • Anti-explosion Valves VEX
  • Chemical isolation systems.

Products for Prevention

  • Bucket Elevator Control.
  • Inerting Systems.
  • Spark Extinguishing Systems.
  • Temperature Monitoring Systems for Silos.

Formation Specialized training in technical knowledge

Specialized training in technical knowledge related to the prevention and detection of explosions in the industrial environment.Our own experience in the industrial environment is united with the theoretical knowledge necessary to comprehend the risks of explosions; we are accredited for the transmission of principal technical knowledge related to explosion prevention and detention within the industrial realm.We impart the following courses:

  • IsmATEX Level 1 electric.
  • IsmATEX Level 2 electric.
  • Risks and Safety ATEX Training.

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