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Explosion Suppression System

ADIX ExSuppression is an Explosion Suppression System that is characterized by the extremely Fast discharge of an extinguishing agent (in milliseconds).

This short response time suppresses the incipient explosion immediately, which can also prevent flame propagation.

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ADIX Explosion Suppression System

What is the ExSuppression Explosion Suppression System?

Explosion suppression systems are designed to impede the development of high pressures due to gas explosions or the explosion of combustible dust in the interior part of industrial premises that have not been designed to resist them.
The detection and extinction of the explosion detains the wave of pressure and shuts off the flame in the interior part of the deposits and equipment, which makes it also possible to prevent the propagation of flames.
The explosion suppression systems have undeniable appeal now that the majority of the equipment parts and receptacles cannot resist the pressure of an explosion.
Basically it carries out its functions in three stages:

  • Detection; it’s achieved through components that are activated by pressure or light, the most appropriate configuration is determined by the process conditions.
  • Start up; as a result of the detection a signal is sent to the electronic control system indicating that a combustion process has been detected. This given system processes the received signal and beings the receptacle opening sequence that contains the extinguishing agent.
  • Suppression; through the discharge of the extinguishing agent.
    The suppression of the explosion is possible thanks to our system’s short reaction time; in only milliseconds it detects and extinguishes the incipient explosion.

Some examples of application are:
Mills, shredders, mixers, conveyor belts, silos, hoppers, bucket elevators, pneumatic conveyors, filters, cyclone and dryers.

Its installation is especially useful in those cases in which explosion relief by venting is not feasible, likewise in other cases in which the explosion itself is associated with the emission of gasses/vapors/toxic dust or general environmental dangers, situations like this make it unadvisable to install an explosion vent.

Explosion WITHOUT Suppression Explosion WITH Suppression
ADIX Explosion WITHOUT Suppression ADIX Explosion WITH Suppression


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