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Explosion Vent Panels

What is an Explosion Vent Panel?

It is a method of protection against explosions based on the opening of weak laminates that are installed on top of the receptacle or equipment, in such a way that the pressure waves and flames dissipate in a safe area.

In an explosion that may take place within closed receptacle or closed equipment, the pressure can reach a value (Pmax) around 10 barg. This pressure usually is superior to the pressure that the majority of the installations can endure. A relief vent opens to a relatively low pressure; therefore, the maximum pressure in the receptacle will be reduced to an inferior value, called reduced pressure of explosion (Pred).

Adix Explosion Vent Panels

Adix manufactures Explosion Vent Panels designed to adapt themselves to the distinct working conditions of the industrial processes. Optimizing its performance in function with the working conditions.

The standard vent panels can use temperatures that can vary between -20 y 70ºC. All of the models can be manufactured with special joints made for working temperatures up to 400ºC.

Typ Use Format Working pressure
(% below Pstat)
Pstat standard
(mbarg at 22ºC)
BRP Silos, Elevators, Hoppers Flat, Rectangular 40 100
BRD Silos, Elevators, Hoppers, Filters Domed, Rectangular 60 100
BRT Silos Flat, Trapezoidal 40 100
BRC Silos, Elevators, Hoppers Flat, Circular 40 100
BDC Silos, Elevators, Hoppers, Filters Domed, Circular 60 100

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