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Vent panels BDC

Explosion Vent Panels Domed, Circular

Adix manufactures Explosion Vent Panels designed to suit different working conditions of industrial processes, optimizing their performance in terms of working conditions.

The standard vent panels can be used at temperatures between -20°C to +70°C.

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Doumed Circular Vent Panel BDC

Doumed Circular Vent Panel BDC design

Measures Vent Panels BDC

ModelØ (mm)Av (m2)
Technical Features
For organic dust St2
Pstat at 20ºC20 to 500 mbarg ±25%
Working Pressure60% Pstat
Standard Working Temperature-40ºC to 70ºC
MaterialAISI304 or AISI316
ATEX CertificateLOM12ATEX7080X

* Explosion panels are supplied with a certificate of conformity including opening test results.

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