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Flameless Explosion Venting

AdixFlamecatch is designed for explosion venting for equipment in closed areas, without flame and without risk.

This system, combined with Adix Vent Panels, puts out the explosion flame, freeing the excess pressure in order to protect the equipment and personnel.

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What is Flameless Explosion Venting?

Given that in many occasions it is not possible to direct the explosion vent to a secure area, the supply elements that suppress the output of the flame are made necessary in case the vent panel was to break, a great option being flameless venting equipment.

This device substitutes the vent duct. When an explosion occurs in a receptacle with a flameless vent, the explosion panel that is incorporated in the flame arresters breaks and the explosion expands throughout the entire surface, which is made up of a special mesh that is designed to retain incandescent particles and flames, additionally it works to achieve efficient cool-down of the combustion gasses and noteworthy reduction of the effects of pressure waves.

The maximum pressure of explosion in a receptacle with flameless venting will be somewhat higher, due to the resistance when the combustible gasses pass through the mesh. This somewhat excess pressure can be offset with a small increase in the venting area.

Adix Flameless Explosion Venting

Flameless Explosion Venting

ModelMeasurements [LxWxH] (mm)
Eff. AV (m²)Vent Panel*
FC537385385 x 537 x 464
FC350200350 x 200 x 278
FC550250550 x 250 x 328
FC880530880 x 530 x 6010,250880x530
FC1000666666 x 1000 x 720
FC100010001000 x 1000 x 1082
* Supplied without vent panel.
** The Efective venting area shows in this table is orientative, please contact Adix for more details.
Technical Features
Suitable also for melting products
Max. Pred admissible0,5 barg
Kstmax< 250 bar m/sec
Pmax10 bar
Working Temperature:-20ºC to 70ºC
Casing built inCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium
ATEX CertificationLOM08ATEX7038X according to EN16009

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