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Temperature Monitoring Systems for Silos

Grain-Watch is a digital, fully automated grain temperature monitoring system for grain storages. The system is compatible with all types of grain storages and can be installed in newly constructed facilities or already existing ones.

The grain temperature is monitored with temperature monitoring cables or temperature monitoring spears, or a combination of both.

Inside the silo the sensor lines are mounted hanging from the ceiling monitoring the temperature at different heights. It is posible to install as many lines as wanded. Available in ATEX zone 20.

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What is the Temperature Monitoring for Silos?

For many organic materials such as biomass, grain, flour, etc, spontaneous combustion is a major concern since it is responsible for many fires and explosions. The amount of moisture in the fuel is a factor to consider in the storage and use of all those products which are subject to two different natural processes, a process at low temperature and a high temperature. The low temperature process involves the growth and respiration of microorganisms. The process at high temperatures is due to oxidation of cellulosic materials. The biological heating under the influence of water content or humidity, can increase the temperature of the stored mass enough to trigger oxidation of the material, which can ignite.

The wet products do not generate spontaneous combustion problems because with a moisture content above 60%, a lot of energy to increase the water temperature at 100 ° C and evaporated. When the humidity of the stored products are between 20 and 60%, are a concern both degradation and spontaneous combustion. This range of moisture is the most commonly found in plants.

The large surface areas of particles such as wood chips provide a nearly ideal environment for the decomposition of fibers. Therefore surface temperatures are increased and the potential of spontaneous combustion. Small chips increase the total surface area and the probability of biological heating.

Conversely, if we work with dry products can consider the option of storage for long periods. The dry material has to small moisture to support biological activity and, without heating or other biological sources of ignition, is relatively stable.

Monitoring the spontaneous combustion in storage is possible by continuous monitoring of the temperature. So a burning car early detection allows us to cool the product by aeration, injection of inert gases or by transfer to another store where there is no risk of spread of fire or explosion to the rest of the installation.

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